Karen McArthur

User Experience Architect

Creating Positive Experiences

Enhancing lives through user-centric design thinking.

Experienced in user centered design practices, interaction design, user interface design & development, I strive to understand the engagement between individuals and products. How does a product facilitate the connection between two or more individuals through its use? What goals are users trying to accomplish through the product or service they are engaged with?

With an appreciation for visual design and brand identity, I facilitate the communication between users and systems by adding the human element to the design of products and services. I have contributed to the success of e-commerce brand shops (Adidas, Dick's Sporting Goods, Bath and Body Works, Calvin Klien, GNC), web sites, mobile applications and training materials for sales, IT and pharmaceutical clients.

Explore my website to learn more about the user experiences I have contributed to.

Understanding Interactions

Several questions help in understanding how people interact with each other, with products or with larger social and organizational structures. Insight into these key areas lead to solutions that apply the human element.


Who is our audience?
What are their experiences, motivations and values?


What devices or products are people utilizing when interacting with other individuals or organizations?
Are they familiar with these tools or are they new to them?


Where is the interaction taking place?
Are the surrounding influences cultural or economic?
Is the user at home or on-the-go?


When are people interacting?
In response to a trigger? Is it frequent or sporadic?


Why are people and communities interacting?
To communicate ideas or messages?
To accomplish tasks or to fulfill a greater need?


How do people and communities interact?
Through which senses are they engaged?
Are they fully imersed or distracted?
What mental models and emotions are they perceiving the engagement?